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Title: We Are Eternal, Author: Bianca Orellana
Title: The Most Toys: A Dr Karen Laos Novel, Author: Dennis Nilsen
Title: Whisper of a Tryst, Author: Christine Poe
Title: The Bully List, Author: Michael Embry
Title: Crossroads, Author: Karen Fritz
Title: Shooting Star, Author: Michael Embry
June 16th
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Title: Bosslady, Author: Sherry Derr-Wille
Title: The Sweet Smell Of Death, Author: Sylvia Rochester
Title: Cinderella And The Stripper, Author: JoEllen Conger
Title: Firetrail, Author: Lydia Hawke
Title: Brogan's Bella, Author: Kev Richardson
Title: Recipe For Love, Author: Fiona McGier
Title: Risk Worth Taking, Author: Teresa Morgan
Title: The Year I Lost My Mind, Author: Linda Rettstatt
Title: Beyond the Rain, Author: Peter Hurley
Title: Like A River, My Love, Author: Marilyn Gardiner
Title: Tato, Author: Kathe Gogolewski
Title: Fiery Strength, Author: Lori Libby
Title: The Riddler's Fearsome Secret, Author: Louise Hendricksen
Title: Freedom To Ride The Wind, Author: JoEllen Conger

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