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Title: Into the Mess and Other Jesus Stories, Author: Debie Thomas
Title: Burnt Pot Island, Author: Karen Dove Barr
Title: So Great Salvation: The History and Message of the Keswick Convention, Author: Steven Barabas
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Title: Meaningful Connections in My Long Journey between a Pine Grove of Songki-ri and the Bank of the Siuslaw River, Author: Song-nai Rhee
Title: Listening Well, Author: William R. Miller
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Title: Something Happens Here, Author: Stephen P. West
Title: Anarchy and Christianity, Author: Jacques Ellul
Title: The Most Reluctant Convert, Author: David C. Downing
Title: Living in the Company of Jesus, Author: Philip J. Harak
Title: Jewish Prayer, Author: Louis Jacobs
Title: Reading Revelation Responsibly: Uncivil Worship and Witness: Following the Lamb Into the New Creation, Author: Michael J. Gorman
Title: Moral Man and Immoral Society, Author: Reinhold Niebuhr
Title: The Gods of the Nations: A Study in Ancient Near Eastern National Theology, Author: Daniel I. Block
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Title: Passages, Author: Evie Yoder Miller
Title: The Mystery We Proclaim, Second Edition: Catechesis for the Third Millennium, Author: Francis D. Kelly
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Title: Mediating Interpersonal Conflicts / Edition 1, Author: Mark S. Umbreit
Title: Knowledge and Evolution, Author: Michael Chaberek
Title: Way to Water, Author: L. Callid Keefe-Perry
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Title: What Time Is It?, Author: Gloria O'Toole Ulterino
Title: A Long-Ago Birth in a Right-Now World, Author: Michael B. Brown

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