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Title: Witch, Artist: Witch
Title: Angel Witch: 30th Anniversary Edition, Artist: Angel Witch
Title: L.A Witch, Artist: L.A. Witch
Title: Burning Village, Artist: Mountain Witch
Title: Paralyzed, Artist: Witch
Title: As Above, So Below, Artist: Angel Witch
Title: Crippled Lucifer [2 CD], Artist: Burning Witch
Title: Rise, Artist: Icarus Witch
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Title: Older Terrors, Artist: Esben and the Witch
Title: Lukombo Vibes, Artist: Witch
Title: Arcanum, Artist: Space Witch
Title: Champagne Velvet, Artist: Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch
Title: Burning Bridges to Nowhere, Artist: Witch Hunt
Title: A New Nature, Artist: Esben and the Witch
Title: The Offering, Artist: Wild Witch
Title: Bang a Gong, Artist: Witch Queen
Title: Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior, Artist: Gay Witch Abortion
Title: Cry of the Wolf, Artist: Witch Meadow
Title: I Am Providence, Artist: Arkham Witch
Title: The Witch Trials, Artist: Witch Trials

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