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Title: La Sheridan Adorable Diva: Margaret Burke Sheridan, Author: Anne Chambers
Title: The Journeyman: A Builder's Life, Author: Billy French
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Title: Visions of Europe: Conversations on the Legacy And, Author: Richar Kearney
Title: Wilderness, Author: Liam O'Flaherty
Title: Judith and the Traveller, Author: Mike Scott
Title: Irish Love & Wedding Customs, Author: Kim McGuire
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Title: Alphabet Network, Author: Jeanette Bresnihan
Title: Country Living, Author: Liz Kavanagh
Title: The Irish Wedding Book, Author: Kim Mcguire
Title: Irish Poetry after Yeats : Seven Poems, Author: Maurice Harmon
Title: Badger, Beano and the Magic Mushroom, Author: Jack Scoltock
Title: Breaking the Circle, Author: Desmond Kelly
Title: The Book of Tara, Author: Michael Slavin
Title: Ringmaster, Author: Dunne Lee
Title: Wandering Women, Author: A.A. A. Kelly
Title: Joy of Collecting: Antiques and Collectables in I, Author: Helen Coburn
Title: The Irish Aboard Titanic, Author: Senan Molony
Title: Is Anybody Listening?, Author: Larry O'Loughlin
Title: The Alexandrine Scripts: A Stretch of Sand and Other Stories, Author: Daniel Ray
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Title: The Liberation of Margaret McCabe, Author: Catheri Brophy

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