Title: Paint Me Fearless (The Shady Gully Series, #1), Author: Hallie Lee
Title: Oh, to Grace, Author: Abby Rosser
Title: Elders at the Gate, Author: Ray Blunt
Title: Better Off Guilty, Author: Lindsey Lamar
Title: Country Music's Hidden Gem, Author: Billy Rae Stewart
Title: Katie's Plain Regret (Amish Journeys, #1), Author: Sara Harris
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Title: Bedtime with Buster, Author: Brooks Eason
Title: All for the Cause (Women of the Heartland, #4), Author: Gail Kittleson
Title: Furious, Author: Aaron Shaver
Title: Embracing a New Vision of Aging, Author: Sheryl Towers
Title: Letters at Midnight, Author: Roland B. King
Title: Rigors of the Call, Author: N.D. Clopton Beverly
Title: Stranger With a Black Case, Author: Jennifer Odom
Title: Deadline in Dallas, Author: Alice A. Jackson
Title: In Search of the Beloved, Author: Marian Rizzo
Title: Why I Failed in the Music Business...and how NOT to follow in my footsteps, Author: Steve Grossman
Title: Written That You May Believe, Author: Rodney Boyd
Title: The Escape Place, Author: Lyn Vandebrake
Title: 43 Roses, Author: Mike Parker
Title: Maggie's Refrain, Author: Marcia Ware

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