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Title: South Bound, Author: Luann Landon
Title: What to Make of It, Author: Pamela Harrison
Title: Lust, Author: Diana Raab
Title: In the Absence, Author: Dara Barnat
Title: Cloud Journal, Author: David Rigsbee
Title: Exodus, Author: Janet Ruth Heller
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Title: Duration and the Second Hand, Author: Arthur Brown
Title: Chuckleberry Chutney, Author: Skip Hughes
Title: How To Make A Mummy, Author: Mike Smith
Title: Terrain, Author: Julia Lisella
Title: She Is A Pupa, Soft And White, Author: Elinor Cramer
Title: Gods & Money, Author: James Brock
Title: Of Dirt and Tar, Author: June Sylvester Saraceno
Title: Slipstream, Author: Carol Westberg
Title: Epiphanies, Author: Kim Bridgford
Title: Divining the Prime Meridian, Author: Carol Smallwood
Title: Two Ghost Poems, Author: Frederick Turner
Title: To The Archaeologist Who Finds Us, Author: Gary Thompson
Title: Wicked, Excellently, Author: Brent Terry
Title: Throat Singing, Author: Susan Cohen

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