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Title: Inside Me an Island, Author: Lehua M. Taitano
Title: After the Bomb, Author: Michael Skau
Title: Old Poets, Author: Michael Skau
Title: Erotica Atomica, Author: John Bradley
Title: The Day Gives Us So Many Ways to Eat, Author: Lindsay Wilson
Title: Caught Looking, Author: Charles Sean Carroll
Title: A Language the Land is Inventing, Author: Ann A. Philips
Title: Breaking, Author: Brittney Corrigan
Title: Animal Virtue, Author: Nathanael Tagg
Title: Uncertainty Principle, Author: Allen C. West
Title: Two-Face God, Author: Jason McCall
Title: Immigrant Songs, Author: Kareem Tayyar
Title: The Brightest Rock, Author: Kelly Lenox
Title: Coming Up for Air, Author: Kika Dorsey
Title: Dream Wilderness Poems, Author: Kevin McKelvey
Title: This is for the mostless, Author: Jason Magabo Perez
Title: For Love, and for Cruelty, Author: Elizabeth Estochen
Title: Mnemosyne's Hand, Author: Charles W. Brice
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Title: Rose Has a New Walker, Author: Karen Mandell
Title: Heloise and Abelard: The Exquisite Truth, Author: Ann Taylor

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