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Title: The Restless Earth, Author: Alan Cockrell
Title: What's the Big Idea?, Author: Robert G. Lee
Title: Ring the Bell: A Novel of Everyday Heroes, Author: Gerry Harlan Brown
Title: Creepy Cat's Macabre Travels, Author: Katherine Kerestman
Title: Wiggle Room, Author: Darden North
Title: The 5 Manners of Death, Author: Darden North
Title: The Narcissist's Wife, Author: Laura Mansfield
Title: Not By Sight: A Novel of the Patriarchs, Author: Elizabeth Jacobson
Title: Colorfully Constructed: How God Builds His Kingdom with Unique Personality Colors, Author: Rhonda Beckham
Title: Pericope: a novel of an adultress, Author: Jeff Keene
Title: The Incredible Little Happy: Affirmations for Children, Author: Holly Britt
Title: Silver Springs - The Liquid Heart of Florida, Author: Robert L Knight
Title: Letters At Midnight, Author: Roland B. King
Title: The Table of Truth: An Autopsy of the JFK Research Community, Author: Jacob M Carter
Title: Pro-Verb Ponderings: 31 Ruminations on Positive Action, Author: Rodney Boyd
Title: The Transference, Author: Jeff S Bray
Title: An Unlikely Evangelist, Author: Paula K. Parker
Title: Crafting A Disciple, Author: Don McCain
Title: Past the Hood Ornament: Life Through the Rearview Mirror, Author: Mike Carmichael
Title: A Black Horse, Author: Michelle Sullivan

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