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Title: Love without an Attachment, Author: Irshad Ahmed Qadri
Title: Divyastra, Author: Nimish Bipin Tanna
Title: Mad Dog Riots, Author: Vishal Arora
Title: 101 Mantras for Living with Really Happier Experiences in Life, Author: Ratan Budhani
Title: The Journey: Traveller With In, Author: Tarun Deep Singh
Title: Pangs and Ardor, Author: Swati Anand
Title: The Disguised Hope, Author: Richa Shah
Title: Enamoured, Author: Subhasis Banerjee
Title: When Will My Tree Bloom?, Author: Kottakal Sebastian Varghese/ Kasava
Title: Eyes of the Mind and Other Stories, Author: Vinita Chopra
Title: Murder On The Bicycle Trail: The Origin of S.H.I.M.LA. Investigators, Author: Minakshi Chaudhary
Title: Two Leaves In Autumn, Author: Vatsal Sharma
Title: The Valentine Rose & Other Stories, Author: Pradeep Kumar Panda
Title: Sangeet Aarohee: An Essential Study of Hindustani Classical Music, Author: Dr. Kalpesh Jani
Title: Diluted, Author: Vishal V Kumar
Title: Strategic Assassination, Author: Souvik Das Gupta
Title: Hate in the Time of Malaria, Author: Balu George
Title: How I Broke My Heart, Author: Pushkal Sinha
Title: The American Desi, Author: Jay Bhatt
Title: Nirvana for Dummies, Author: Prasad Auty

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