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Title: Attainment Through Magic, Author: William Gray
Title: Tao & The Tree of Life: Alchemical & Sexual Mysteries of the East & West, Author: Eric Yudelove
Title: Norse Magic, Author: D.J. Conway
Title: Growing the Tree Within: Patterns of the Unconscious Revealed by the Qabbalah, Author: William G. Gray
Title: Celtic Magic, Author: D.J. Conway
Title: Witta: An Irish Pagan Tradition, Author: Edain McCoy
Title: Northern Magic: Rune Mysteries and Shamanism, Author: Edred Thorsson
Title: Esoteric Rune Magic: The Elder Futhark in Magic, Astral Projection and Spiritual Development, Author: Jason D. Cooper
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Title: Ancient & Shining Ones, Author: D.J. Conway
Title: Magick of the Gods and Goddesses: How to Invoke their Powers, Author: D.J. Conway
Title: Evoking the Primal Goddess: Discovery of the Eternal Feminine Within, Author: William Gray
Title: Northern Magic: Mysteries of the Norse, Germans & English, Author: Edred Thorsson
Title: Between Good & Evil: Polarities of Power, Author: William Gray
Title: Magic from Mexico: Folk Magic, Prayers, Spells & Recipes as Taught by the Wise Woman of Guadalupe, Author: Mary Virginia Devine