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Title: The Celestial River: Creation Tales of the Milky Way, Author: Andrea Stenn Stryer
Title: Eleven Nature Tales : A Multicultural Journey, Author: Pleasant DeSpain
Title: Trickster Tales: Forty Stories from Around the World, Author: Josepha Sherman
Title: How and Why Stories: World Tales Kids Can Read and Tell, Author: Martha Hamilton
Title: Wisdom Tales from Around the World: Fifty Gems of Story and Wisdom for Such Diverse Traditions As Sufi, Zen, Taoist, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, African, and Native American (World Storytelling), Author: Heather Forest
Title: Merlin's Kin: World Tales of the Heroic Magician, Author: Josepha Sherman
Title: Wisdom Tales From Around the World, Author: Heather Forest
Title: East African Folktales: The Voice of Mukamba, Author: Vincent Muli