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Title: Infected: Secrets From The Medical Underground, Author: Ralph La Guardia M.D.
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Title: Your Cuppa Tea, Author: Lindsay Maxwell
Title: Tales of Obscurity, Author: Lee Jay
Title: Finding Me, Author: Sylvester Scarbough
Title: Pleasing Your Partner In Ways You Never Thought You Could, Author: J.D. Tuesdaye
Title: Finding Family: Book 1 Chapter 1-5, Author: Alexei Prowess
Title: Olive and the Meatball Sandwich, Author: Kylie Brenning
Title: Cast the First Stone, Author: A. Keith Mack
Title: Shattered Mentality, Author: Tobias Vincent
Title: Sacred Blisters, Author: Steve Walther
Title: A LIFETIME IN ARIES, Author: J. G. Rogers
Title: Big Emotions in a Big World, Author: Brittany Toney
Title: God In My Storm, Author: Pammie Williams
Title: Phases of my Heart, Author: Chelsea Elias - Hernandez
Title: The Game of Chance, Author: Helena Bailey
Title: Winter's Gate, Author: Edie Campbell-Murray
Title: The Psychiatrist: A Battle Between Good and Evil, Author: Guido Colamarino
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Title: True Bleu, Author: Sherri L. Carroll
Title: Travels, Author: Emma Woody

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