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Title: What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful: Round Table Comics, Author: Marshall Goldsmith
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Title: Influence: Science and Practice: The Comic, Author: Robert Cialdini
Title: Surviving PA School: Secrets You Must Unlock to Excel as a Physician Assistant Student, Author: John Bielinski Jr.
Title: Restoring the Soul to Education: Equity Closes the Achievement Gap, Author: Carmen I. Ayala
Title: Praying for That Man: A Love Story from Above, Author: Leanne Rozell
Title: Just Be Well: A Book for Seekers of Vibrant Health, Author: Thomas a. Sult
Title: Melting Down: A Comic for Kids with Asperger's Disorder and Challenging Behavior (The ORP Library), Author: Jeff Krukar
Title: Jiu-Jitsu and Life: Lessons Learned on and off the Mat, Author: Travis Tooke
Title: From Me to U: Lessons on Life, Leadership, and Living Your Legacy, Author: Jodi Low
Title: Front Line Heroes, Author: TBD
Title: Smart on the Inside: A True Story about Succeeding in Spite of Learning Disabilities, Author: Eileen Gold Kushner
Title: PreSale Without Fail: The Secret to Launching New Communities with Maximum Results, Author: Kevin Oakley
Title: From the Barrio to the Board Room: Second Edition, Author: Robert Renteria
Title: Contrast: A Biracial Man's Journey to Desegregate His Past, Author: Devin C. Hughes
Title: When Trouble Finds You: Overcoming Child Abuse, Teen Pregnancy, Domestic Violence, and Discovering the Remarkable Power of the Human Spirit, Author: Toni L. Coleman Carter
Title: And I Love You So: A Story of Love and Loss, Author: Melanie Baker Trimarco
Title: Blood Drive: A Vampire Otherkin Novel, Author: Traci Houston
Title: Overachievement from SmarterComics, Author: John Eliot
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Title: China Girl, Author: Sophie Mokhtari
Title: Finding Balance: A Family's Journey to Treatment for Bipolar Disorder (The ORP Library), Author: Jeff Krukar

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