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Title: Thistles & Thorns, Author: Jessica Lee Peterson
Title: Dark Daze & Foggy Nights: An Untold Story of Breaking the Silence, Author: Edward S. Scott
Title: Becoming American: A World War II Young Adult Novel, Author: Callie J. Trautmiller
Title: Scorpion Wind: A Trooper John Stella Novel, Author: Joseph E. Mosca
Title: My Story: Faith, Family, Farm, Author: Marjorie M. Beyersdorf
Title: Water & Earth: Book 1 of the Messengers Trilogy, Author: A.L. Mundt
Title: How Steve Became Ralph: A Cancer/Stem Cell Odyssey (With Jokes), Author: Steve Buechler
Title: Immune: Rise of the Inflicted, Author: Seth Voorhees
Title: Resurfaced: A Max Ryan Novel, Author: Lexi Jordan
Title: Sara's Sacrifice: Book 1 of the Daughters of Evolution Series, Author: Flo Parfitt
Title: Open Your Heart to the True You: A Useful Handbook to Finding Happiness, Author: Renee Salvatori
Title: The Adventures of Zarah: A Friend for Ignatius, Author: Rachel Megan Cotton
Title: Zana West's Diary: #CaliGirls, #FirstCar, and #HonoluluLaw, Author: Katharine M. Nohr
Title: Their Star Is Their World: Book Two of the John Henry Chronicles, Author: D.M. Herrmann
Title: Freewheel: #HonoluluLaw, #FamousTriathlete, & a #Charity, Author: Katharine M. Nohr
Title: Visions of Time, Author: Lori Hines
Title: A Rose in a Teacup and Other Poems, Author: Rachelle Nevaeh Rose
Title: Easy Kill: An E.Z. Kelly Novel, Author: Charles M. DuPuy
Title: The Slim Chance Tour: Stories in the Key of G-Whiz, Author: Shawn Michael Bitz
Title: VO2 Max: #HonoluluLaw, #Protriathletes, & a #Sports Agent, Author: Katharine M. Nohr

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