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Title: The Mythology of Global Warming, Author: Bruce Bunker Ph.D.
Title: No Brass, No Ammo, Author: John L. Sheppard
Title: Turned on Spouse (Wife Erotica), Author: Crystal Grey
Title: The Forgotten Astronauts, Author: Codex Regius
Title: As I Live and Breathe, Author: Marla Patterson
Title: Fatal Blow, Author: James L. Thane
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Title: The Beautician's Notebook, Author: Anne Clinard Barnhill
Title: Faith, Author: Bill Vincent
Title: War of the Planet Burners, Author: Dennis Herrick
Title: Purpose, Author: Dabiri Timothy
Title: Fucking hard nights - Part 3, Author: Kim Langthon
Title: Pregnant Husband, Author: Isaac Nkrumah Darko
Title: Stockholm Syndrome, Author: Sage Marlowe
Title: Thanksgiving in Sanctuary, Author: Cooper McKenzie
Title: O'Halloran's Will, Author: David R. Tanis
Title: Monster: Z-703, Author: Kelex
Title: The Cross Tells Me, Author: Darren Cox
Title: The Variations of the Cinderella Effect, Author: Angela Ellington
Title: Jadens Dom-Doppel, Author: Gale Stanley
Title: Learning to Fly, Author: Jane Wallace-Knight

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