Title: More Than Anger, Author: Lexi Bruce
Title: Survive and Keep Surviving, Author: Mel Mallory
Title: And We Call It Love, Author: Amanda Vink
Title: The Dragons Club, Author: Cyn Bermudez
Title: Dandelion Travels, Author: Angel Barber
Title: Fifteen and Change, Author: Max Howard
Title: Right on Cue, Author: Sabine Bradley
Title: Our Broken Earth, Author: Demitria Lunetta
Title: Clear Cut, Author: Melody Dodds
Title: Manning Up, Author: Bee Walsh
Title: Sick Girl Secrets, Author: Anna Russell
Title: Everything It Takes, Author: Sandi Van
Title: Knights of Suburbia, Author: P. A. Kurch
Title: Only Pieces, Author: Edd Tello
Title: Shoot the Storm, Author: Annette Daniels Taylor
Title: Tough as Lace, Author: Lexi Bruce
Title: The Same Blood, Author: M. Azmitia
Title: Things That Burn, Author: A.M. Rogers
Title: What If, Author: Anna Russell
Title: Surviving American History, Author: Max Howard

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