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Title: Opal's Springtime Birdhouse, Author: Emily Matheis Pre-Order Now
Title: Lights On!: Glow-in-the-Dark Deep Ocean Creatures, Author: Donna B. McKinney Pre-Order Now
Title: Dodos Are Not Extinct, Author: Paddy Donnelly
Title: My Grandpa, My Tree, and Me, Author: Roxanne Troup Pre-Order Now
Title: The Whole World Inside Nan's Soup, Author: Hunter Liguore
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Title: The Vanishing Lake, Author: Paddy Donnelly
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Title: Humphrey the Egg-Splorer, Author: Nadia Ali Pre-Order Now
Title: My Dog is NOT a Scientist, Author: Betsy Ellor Pre-Order Now
Title: Milo's Moonlight Mission, Author: Kathleen M. Blasi
Title: The Happiest Kid, Author: Sarah Bagley Steele
Title: A Dog's Guide to Being Human, Author: Shanna Silva
Title: The School of Failure: A Story About Success, Author: Rosie J. Pova
Title: The Perfect Party, Author: Laurel P. Jackson
Title: Masha Munching, Author: Amalia Hoffman
Title: My Monsterpiece, Author: Amalia Hoffman
Title: Cedric's Tail, Author: Amani Uduman
Title: Chameleon Can Be, Author: Carolina Farías
Title: Piper and Purpa Forever!, Author: Susan Lendroth
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Title: The Return of Teddy, Author: Marcia Choo
Title: The Second in the World to Discover Evolution: Alfred Russel Wallace, Author: Farren Phillips

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