Title: Be Big!: Beatrice's First Day of First Grade, Author: Katie Kizer
Title: Landon Meets the Food Trucks, Author: Diana Perez
Title: Landon Rides the Subway, Author: Diana Perez
Title: Olivia's Tower: The Building Power of Cells, Author: Gretchen Day
Title: Lennon Bruce Fire Breather, Author: Kate Bartlein
Title: A Bee is What I Wanna Be, Author: Jorge Moreno
Title: Patti's Predicament, Author: Vicki Costello Pre-Order Now
Title: Adelaide Moves to Germany, Author: Maura Reynolds Pre-Order Now
Title: Princess Delaynie the Dinosaur, Author: Pamela Harrington
Title: Frog's New Shoes, Author: Torin Lee
Title: The Boy the Bear and the Fish, Author: Anika Brook
Title: V.R. Space Explorers: Titan's Black Cat, Author: Dr. Bruce Betts
Title: Nia the Germinator, Author: Dr. Shontell Graham
Title: My Magic Bottle of Emotions: POP!, Author: Katherine Bauch
Title: Circus Bird, Author: Erin Lawrence
Title: Hey Mom Can I Be Big, Author: Cari Pointer
Title: Ellie Marches On, Author: Audra Notgrass
Title: How to Make a Monster Smile, Author: Tomi Schwandt
Title: Mixed-Up Mabel, Author: Amy Arnason
Title: The Moon is Having a Party, Author: Micah Uram

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