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Title: Breaking Character, Author: Lee Winter
Title: Requiem for Immortals, Author: Lee Winter
Title: Chaos Agent, Author: Lee Winter Pre-Order Now
Title: Backwards to Oregon, Author: Jae
Title: Something's Different, Author: Quinn Ivins
Title: Damage Control, Author: Jae
Title: Wrong Number, Right Woman, Author: Jae
Title: Truth and Measure, Author: Roslyn Sinclair
Title: Departure from the Script, Author: Jae
Title: The Music and the Mirror, Author: Lola Keeley
Title: Wicked Things: Lesbian Halloween Short Stories, Author: Jae
Title: Perfect Rhythm, Author: Jae
Title: Above all Things, Author: Roslyn Sinclair
Title: Unwrap These Presents, Author: Astrid Ohletz
Title: Honey in the Marrow, Author: Emily Waters
Title: The X-Ingredients, Author: Roslyn Sinclair
Title: A Lover's Mercy, Author: Fiona Zedde
Title: The Fixer, Author: Lee Winter
Title: Just a Touch Away, Author: Jae
Title: Who'd Have Thought, Author: G Benson

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