Title: A Quilt of a Different Color, Author: Arlene Sachitano
Title: A Quilt in Time, Author: Arlene Sachitano
7 in Series
Title: The 12 Quilts of Christmas, Author: Arlene Sachitano
Title: Double Knit, Author: Arlene Sachitano
Title: Crazy as a Quilt, Author: Arlene Sachitano
8 in Series
Title: Make Quilts Not War, Author: Arlene Sachitano
6 in Series
Title: Quilt by Association, Author: Arlene Sachitano
4 in Series
Title: Metered Space, Author: M. D. Benoit
1 in Series
Title: In the The Sea Nymph's Lair, Author: Robert E. Vardeman
Title: The Ugly Princess, Author: Elizabeth K. Burton
Title: Murders in Manatas, Author: Roberta Rogow
1 in Series
Title: Ebenezer, Author: JoSelle Vanderhooft
Title: Ordinary Women--Not!, Author: Shelly Gail Morris
Title: Guns of Sevastopol, Author: Harold R. Thompson
2 in Series
Title: Eve Missing, Author: Ralph Pezzullo
1 in Series
Title: The Christmas Village, Author: Linda Andrews
1 in Series
Title: The Tapestry Baby, Author: Carole Waterhouse
Title: Caviar Dreams, Author: Judy Nichols
Title: Eyes of Lorr, Author: Roberta Rogow
Title: Words Perfect, Author: Jane Toombs

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