Title: Route 4, Box 358, Author: Dudgrick Bevins
Title: the immeasurable fold: selected poems 2000-2015, Author: luke kurtis
Title: like an angel dead in your arms: early poems 1995-1999, Author: luke kurtis
Title: Retrospective, Author: Michael Tice
Title: The Male Nude: Line Drawings 2008-2018, Author: Michael Tice
Title: The Girl Who Wasn't and Is, Author: Anastasia Walker
Title: Visions of the Beyond, Author: Stefanie Masciandaro
Title: INTERSECTION, Author: luke kurtis
Title: Springtime in Byzantium, Author: luke kurtis
Title: Angkor Wat: poetry and photography, Author: luke kurtis
Title: Architecture and Mortality, Author: Donald Tarantino
Title: Georgia Dusk: Where We Were Born, Author: Dudgrick Bevins
Title: The Animal Book, Author: Michael Harren
Title: Hang Five, Author: Sandy Hiortdahl
Title: Jordan's Journey: An Illustrated History of my Family Ancestry, Author: Jordan M. Scoggins
Title: Train to Providence, Author: William Doreski
Title: exam(i)nation, Author: luke kurtis
Title: Now That You've Gone and Come Back, Author: Jonathan David Smyth
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Title: Tentative Armor: A Darkly Comedic Musical Exploration, Author: Michael Harren
Title: The Language of History: A Greenwich Village Artist Remembers 9/11, Author: luke kurtis

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