Title: Super Mario Bros. 3, Author: Alyse Knorr
Title: Kingdom Hearts II, Author: Alexa Ray Corriea
Title: EarthBound, Author: Ken Baumann
Title: Metal Gear Solid, Author: Ashly Burch
Title: Chrono Trigger, Author: Michael P. Williams
Title: Mega Man 3, Author: Salvatore Pane
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Title: Breakout: Pilgrim in the Microworld, Author: David Sudnow
Title: Katamari Damacy, Author: L. E. Hall
Title: World of Warcraft, Author: Daniel Lisi
Title: Jagged Alliance 2, Author: Darius Kazemi
Title: Baldur's Gate II, Author: Matt Bell
Title: Galaga, Author: Michael Kimball
Title: Bible Adventures, Author: Gabe Durham
Title: Super Mario Bros. 2, Author: Jon Irwin