Title: Duct Tape Killer, Author: Phil Hamman
Title: Gitchie Girl: The Survivor's Inside Story of the Mass Murders that Shocked the Heartland, Author: Phil Hamman
Title: Gitchie Girl Uncovered: The True Story of a Night of Mass Murder and the Hunt for the Deranged Killers, Author: Phil Hamman
Title: Cry for Rain, Author: Melineh Petrosian
Title: Duct Tape Killer: The True Inside Story of Sexual Sadist & Murderer Robert Leroy Anderson, Author: Phil Hamman
Title: I Am Strong: The Life and Journey of an Autistic Pastor, Author: Lamar Hardwick
Title: The Problem with Miracles, Author: S K Jansky
Title: The Preacher's Letter, Author: Billy Beasley
Title: An Unexpected Role, Author: Leslea Wahl
Title: Under the Influence, Author: Phil Hamman
Title: Between 2 Gods: A Memoir of Abuse in the Mennonite Community, Author: Trudy Harder Metzger
Title: The Cowboy Year: A Story of Dads and Guns, Author: Ethan D. Bryan
Title: Running Free, Author: John M. Sharpe
Title: The Christian Guy's Handbook for Success in Dating and Marriage, Author: Richard McHale
Title: Many Strange Women, Author: Parker J. Cole
Title: Edna in the Desert, Author: Maddy Lederman
Title: Paddle for a Purpose, Author: Barb Geiger
Title: Chasing Mayflies, Author: Vincent Donovan
Title: The Testimonium, Author: Lewis Ben Smith
Title: Hunger, Author: R. H. Welcker

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