Title: Power Exchange (Power Exchange #1), Author: AJ Rose
Title: Consent (Power Exchange, #3), Author: AJ Rose
#3 in Series
Title: Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales (Fellowship of Fantasy, #5), Author: H. L. Burke
Title: Backstreet Mom: A Mother's Tale of Backstreet Boy AJ McLean's Rise to Fame, Struggle with Addiction, and Ultimate Triumph, Author: Denise I. McLean
Title: Red Rose Rising (The True Marks Series, #1), Author: A. J. Manney Books
Title: Dark Fae Rising, Author: Aj Walker
Title: Bond of a Dragon: Rise of the Dragonriders, Author: A J Walker
Title: Safeword (Power Exchange #2), Author: AJ Rose
Title: The Long Fall of Night, Author: AJ Rose
Title: Restraint (Power Exchange Book 4), Author: AJ Rose
Title: Rise Shine Enjoy Pink Notebook, 120 pages, 6 x 9, Author: Aj
Title: Chaos Rising (Spy High Series #2), Author: A. J. Butcher
Title: The Sea Rises, Author: A.J.  Smith
Title: Queers, Author: AJ Rose
Title: Reaping Fate (Reaping Havoc, #2), Author: AJ Rose
#2 in Series
Title: Reaping Havoc, Author: AJ Rose
#1 in Series
Title: Soul Searching, Author: AJ Rose
Title: Defenseless, Author: AJ Rose
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Title: The Anatomy of Perception, Author: AJ Rose
Title: Take This Job and Shove It!: Anonymous Complaints to Your Horrible Boss, Author: AJ Rose

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