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Title: Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam, Author: Walter Dean Myers
Title: Everett Anderson's Goodbye, Author: Ann Grifalconi
Title: The Village of Round and Square Houses, Author: Ann Grifalconi
Title: The Jazz Man, Author: Mary Hays Weik
Title: The Midnight Fox, Author: Betsy Byars
Title: Who's in Rabbit's House and other Stories from the African Tradition : Library Edition, Author: Verna Aardema
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Title: Bravest Flute, Author: Ann Grifalconi
Title: Zorra Negra (The Midnight Fox), Author: Betsy Byars
Title: David He No Fear, Author: Lorenz B. Graham
Title: Don't Leave an Elephant to Go and Chase a Bird, Author: James R. Berry
Title: Jasmine's Parlour Day, Author: Lynn Joseph
Title: The Lion's Whiskers: An Ethiopian Folktale, Author: Nancy Raines Day
Title: The Village That Vanished, Author: Ann Grifalconi
Title: One of the Problems of Everett Anderson, Author: Lucille Clifton
Title: In the Rainfield: Who Is the Greatest?, Author: Isaac Olaleye
Title: Not Home: Somehow, Somewhere, There Must Be Love: A Novel, Author: Ann Grifalconi
Title: Everett Anderson's 1-2-3, Author: Lucille Clifton
Title: Ain't Nobody a Stranger to Me, Author: Ann Grifalconi
Title: Everett Anderson's Year, Author: Lucille Clifton
Title: The Toy Trumpet, Author: Ann Grifalconi

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