Title: Lucy Show: the Official Fourth Season
Title: A Sunday Kind of Love, Artist: Barbara Morrison
Title: I Love You, Yes I Do, Artist: Barbara Morrison
Title: I Wanna Be Loved, Artist: Barbara Morrison
Title: A Halloween Gift, Author: Char Frojen
Title: Life As We Grow, Author: Barbara Morrison
Title: Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother, Author: Barbara Morrison
Title: Fully Half Committed: Conversation Starters for Romantic Relationships, Author: Barbara Morrison
Title: I Talk to the Animals, Author: Barbara Phyllis Morrison
Title: Dangerous Beginnings, Author: Barbara McKinley Morrison
Title: The Moss, Author: Barbara J. Morrison
Title: The Secret of the Broken Stone: The Microscopic World Series Book 2, Author: Barbara J. Morrison
Title: International Government Information and Country Information: A Subject Guide, Author: Andrea Morrison
Title: Live the Questions - Write into the Answers, Author: Barbara E. Parsons
Title: The Tiny Giant, Author: Barbara Ciletti
Title: The Path: Tears and Laughter Through the Generations, Author: Kathleen Malley Morrison
Title: Literary Adaptations in Black American Cinema:: From Micheaux to Morrison, Author: Barbara Tepa Lupack