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Title: Colors [Barnes & Noble Exclusive Cover] [White Vinyl], Artist: Beck
Title: 13 Reasons Why [A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack] [Clear Vinyl] [Barnes & Noble Exc, Artist:
Title: Star Wars [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Translucent Red Vinyl], Artist: Wilco
Title: Get Myself Together, Artist: Danny Barnes
Title: Things I Done Wrong, Artist: Danny Barnes
Title: Head and the Heart [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Photo Print], Artist: The Head and the Heart
Title: This Is Somewhere [Barnes & Noble Exclusive], Artist: Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Title: Minor Dings, Artist: Danny Barnes
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Title: Parachutes [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Orange Vinyl], Artist: Coldplay
Title: We're All Gonna Die [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Autographed Jacket], Artist: Dawes
Title: Thickfreakness [Red Vinyl] [Barnes & Noble Exclusive], Artist: The Black Keys
Title: Shadowland [Barnes & Noble Exclusive], Artist: k.d. lang and the Reclines
Title: Whatever and Ever Amen [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Baby Blue Vinyl], Artist: Ben Folds Five
Title: Lazarus [Original Cast Recording] [Barnes & Noble Exclusive], Artist: David Bowie
Title: Hello Starling [Barnes & Noble Exclusive], Artist: Josh Ritter
Title: Our Endless Numbered Days [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Signed Art Print], Artist: Iron & Wine
Title: Better Nature [Barnes & Noble Exclusive], Artist: Silversun Pickups
Title: Smash [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Translucent Yellow Vinyl], Artist: The Offspring
Title: Prisoner [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Exclusive Cover], Artist: Ryan Adams
Title: Why Are You OK [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] [Alternate Cover], Artist: Band of Horses

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