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Title: Battlefield Tourism, Author: Chris Ryan
Title: Minority Rights in Turkey: A Battlefield for Europeanization, Author: Gözde Yilmaz
Title: Biometrics in Support of Military Operations: Lessons from the Battlefield, Author: William C. Buhrow
Title: Ready for Battle: Technological Intelligence on the Battlefield, Author: Azriel Lorber
Title: Battlefield Tourism: History, Place and Interpretation, Author: Chris Ryan
Title: Fulda Gap: Battlefield of the Cold War Alliances, Author: Dieter Krüger
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Title: Horrors of War: The Undead on the Battlefield, Author: Cynthia J. Miller
Title: How Militaries Learn: Human Capital, Military Education, and Battlefield Effectiveness, Author: Nathan W. Toronto
Title: Democracies and the Shock of War: The Law as a Battlefield, Author: Marc Cogen
Title: Cities into Battlefields: Metropolitan Scenarios, Experiences and Commemorations of Total War, Author: Stefan Goebel
Title: An Encyclopedia of American Women at War: From the Home Front to the Battlefields [2 volumes], Author: Lisa Tendrich Frank