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Title: All Secure: A Delta Force Operator's Fight to Survive on the Battlefield and the Homefront, Author: Tom Satterly Pre-Order Now
Title: Future War: Preparing for the New Global Battlefield, Author: Robert H. Latiff
Title: Campus Battlefield: How Conservatives Can WIN the Battle on Campus and Why It Matters, Author: Charlie Kirk
Title: Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield Enhanced Edition for Tablet, Author: Jeremy Scahill
Title: Arrow to the Heart: The Last Battle at the Little Big Horn: The Custer Battlefield Museum vs. The Federal Government, Author: Christopher Kortlander
Title: The Dictator's Army: Battlefield Effectiveness in Authoritarian Regimes, Author: Caitlin Talmadge
This Season's Most Anticipated Books
Title: Montana Battlefields, 1806-1877: Native Americans and the U. S. Army at War, Author: Barbara Fifer
Title: Heart for the Fight: A Marine Hero's Journey from the Battlefields of Iraq to Mixed Martial Arts Champion, Author: Brian Stann
Title: The Cold War's Last Battlefield, Author: Edward A. Lynch
Title: Religion on the Battlefield, Author: Ron E. Hassner
Title: On Isis. The Reality of the 21st Century Battlefield, Author: Michael Petranick
Title: Why Do Americans Go Abroad to Fight in Foreign Conflicts? Islamic State ISIS Recruitment to the Battlefields of Syria and Iraq Using Bidirectional Social Media Network Connections, Integration Deficit, Author: Progressive Management
Title: Minority Rights in Turkey: A Battlefield for Europeanization, Author: Gözde Yilmaz
Title: Asia's New Battlefield: The USA, China and the Struggle for the Western Pacific, Author: Richard Javad Heydarian
Title: Commanding Military Power: Organizing for Victory and Defeat on the Battlefield, Author: Ryan Grauer
Title: Medical NBC Battlebook: Radiological Hazards and the Nuclear Battlefield - Nuclear Power Plants, Weapon Accidents, Nuclear Detonations, Treatment of Radiation Injuries, Fallout, Radioisotopes, Author: Progressive Management
Title: On War and Politics: The Battlefield Inside Washington's Beltway, Author: Arnold Punaro
Title: The Psychic Battlefield: A History of the Military-Occult Complex, Author: W. Adam Mandelbaum
Title: Winning the Cost War: Applying Battlefield Management Doctrine to the Management of Government, Author: Dale R. Geiger
Title: On Flexibility: Recovery from Technological and Doctrinal Surprise on the Battlefield, Author: Meir Finkel

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