Title: Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing, Author: Anita Moorjani
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Title: If I Died And Went To Hell It Would Take Me A Week To Realize I Was No Longer In Nursing School: Funny Nursing Student Life Sarcasm Gift Notebook, Author: Creative Juices Publishing
Title: Remember, Every Breath is Precious: Dying Taught Me How to Live, Author: Lesley Joan Lupo
Title: We Do Not Die Alone: Jesus is Coming to Get me in a White Pickup Truck / Edition 1, Author: Marilyn A Mendoza
Title: Jesus was never supposed to die. And sexy stuff. Things they never told me., Author: William Ligiu Ionescu
Title: Dying To Be Me: When All Else Fails, Author: Alonda K. Peoples
Title: We're All Going to Die (Especially Me), Author: Joel Meares
Title: And Just When I Thought We Were Friends You Leave Me To Die In This Shit Hole: : Coworker Leaving Gift, Funny Going Away, Goodbye Gift For Her, coworker leaving Farewell gifts funny Custom notebook, Author: gifts Notebook
Title: When Your Loved One Asks....What's Going To Happen To Me When I Die?: How To Be a Doula Spiritual Transition Coach into The Next Level of Existence., Author: Penelope Mont
Title: Mark and me: Kat is fighting self harm urges while her best friend is fighting reality .Kat meets a new friend,a masked man who rarely speaks.Dying doesn't seem like the only option to Kat anymore but it still lurks in her mind., Author: S.S
Title: Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me: Stories of Healing and Wisdom along Life's Journey, Author: William Hablitzel
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Title: As I Lay Me Down To Die: When Suicide Is The Only Answer, Author: Toni Manofsin
Title: The Demons Amongst Us: I woke up screaming. There had been a scene on fire and I was slowly burning dying without anyone to rescue me. Everything was red. Everything was gone., Author: Denise Pan