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Title: Hard Ink Crossover Bundle: 3 Stories by Laura Kaye, Author: Laura Kaye
Title: Taken by the Vampire King, Author: Laura Kaye
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Title: Trial by Fire
Title: Fighting the Fire, Author: Laura Kaye
Title: Worth Fighting For: A Warrior Fight Club/Big Sky Novella, Author: Laura Kaye
Title: Hard to Come By (Hard Ink Series #3), Author: Laura Kaye
Title: Seduced by the Vampire King, Author: Laura Kaye
Title: Fighting for What's His, Author: Laura Kaye
Title: Consumed By You, Author: Lauren Blakely
Title: Fighting for Everything, Author: Laura Kaye
Title: The Automobile Girls Along the Hudson; Or, Fighting Fire in Sleepy Hollow, Author: Laura Dent Crane
Title: Radiant Burn, Author: Laura Harner
#5 in Series
Title: Flare-up, Author: Laura Harner
#4 in Series
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Fighting a Fire, Step by Step
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Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: In the Creeks of Fire: Inspired by the Fight for Justice and Freedom in the Niger Delta, Author: Ebi Bless Asain
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Title: Hard Ink Crossover Compilation: 3 Stories by Laura Kaye, Author: Laura Kaye
Title: Hunters Among Us: Volume 1: Tempted by Fire & Fighting the Flame (Books 1 & 2), Author: M.D. Bowden
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