Title: The Superstar Story of the Harlem Globetrotters, Author: Larry Dobrow
Title: The Story of Eclipses, Author: George Chambers
Title: THE STORY OF ECLIPSES, Author: George F. Chambers
Title: Being in the Shadow: Stories of the First-Time Total Eclipse Experience, Author: Kate Russo
Title: Eclipse at Noonday: Biafra, Diaries of Unwritten Stories, Author: Mike Uriel Ogbechie
Title: Ted Strong Jr.: The Untold Story of an Original Harlem Globetrotter and Negro Leagues All-Star, Author: Sherman L. Jenkins
Title: Beyond the Eclipse: Stories of Life, Loss, and Hope, Author: Alice Thorpe Harrold
Title: Dog on Board: The True Story of Eclipse, the Bus-Riding Dog, Author: Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Title: Eclipse of the Harvest Moon: An Anthology of Short Stories, Author: Robert David Corl
Title: Neptune eclipse: The story of the protection of the strictest military secrecy Yugoslavia, Author: Franc Furland
Title: Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse, Author: Harriette Sackler