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Title: A Brief History of the Huguenots, Author: Herbert Stein-Schneider
Title: A Huguenot on the Hackensack: David Demarest and His Legacy, Author: DAVID C. MAJOR
Title: The Global Refuge: Huguenots in an Age of Empire, Author: Owen Stanwood
Title: The Huguenots: Their Settlements, Churches, and Industries in England and Ireland, Author: Samuel Smiles
Title: A History of the Huguenots, Author: W. Carlos Martyn
Title: Henry of Navarre and the Huguenots in France, Author: Paul Ferdinand Willert
Title: The Spaniards in Florida, Comprising the Notable Settlement of the Huguenots in 1564, and the History and Antiquities of St. Augustine, FoundedA.D. 1565, Second Edition, Author: George R. Fairbanks
Title: Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina, Author: Arthur Henry Hirsch
Title: Jews and Huguenots of the Languedoc, Author: Wanda Morissette-Richards
Title: Huguenots or Early French in New Jersey, Author: Albert F. Koehler
Title: Huguenot and Scots Links, 1575-1775, Author: David Dobson
Title: The Huguenots in France, Author: Samuel Smiles
Title: The Huguenots Come To Ballyronan, Northern Ireland, Author: Hazlett Lynch
Title: The Religious Culture of the Huguenots, 1660-1750, Author: Anne Dunan-Page
Title: Birth of the Huguenots, Author: Wanda Morissette-Richards
Title: Huguenot Ancestry, Author: Noel Currer-Briggs
Title: The Huguenot, Author: George Payne Rainsford James
Title: The Huguenots and the Cathar Continuum, Author: Robert Bruce Baird
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Title: The Visual Theology of the Huguenots, Author: Randal Carter Working
Title: The Huguenots of Paris and the Coming of Religious Freedom, 1685-1789, Author: David Garrioch

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