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Title: Jim Breuer: And Laughter for All
Title: Born Into Baseball: Laughter and Heartbreak at the Edge of The Show, Author: Jr. Jim Campanis
Title: The Apostle Murders, Author: Jim Laughter
Title: From Victim To Hero, Author: Jim Laughter
Title: Space Trader, Author: Jim Laughter
Title: Strangers In The Stable, Author: Aidana Willowraven
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Title: The Horicon Experience, Author: Jim Laughter
Title: Escape to Destiny: Can an Orphan Boy from an Obscure Planet Make a Galactic Difference?, Author: Jim Laughter
Title: Ghost In The Dark, Author: Jim Laughter
Title: Polar City Red - A Novel, Author: Jim Laughter
Title: Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan's Soul: Stories of Insight, Inspiration and Laughter in the World of Sports, Author: Jack Canfield
Title: When Wisdom and Laughter Meet: Stories on the Work and Worship of the Church, Author: Jim Atwood
Title: Laughter In Hell, Author: Jim Tully
Title: Life, Love and Laughter: The Spirituality of the Consciousness Examen, Author: Jim Vlaun
Title: Closing in on God: Faith, Hope, Love and Laughter in the Second Half of Life, Author: Jim Cavera