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Title: Truth In Genesis: Exposing the Lie of Evolution and Millions of Years, Author: Jeremy W. Wheless
Title: Lies Exposed!: The Truth About Dieting, Supplements, Weight Loss, and Exercise, Author: Lewis John Meline
Title: Lying Fully Clothed: Exposing the Naked Truth about Men, Author: Dear Rob
Title: Lies Exposed: Truth Revealed, Author: Gabrielle Walton
Title: The Truth about Adultery: Exposing Lies Between the Sheets, Author: Tanisha Burks-Baskin
Title: Detect Deceit: Reveal the Truth By Exposing the Lie, Author: Simon Cruise
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Title: Liar, Liar: Expose Lies, Discover Truth, Experience Healing, Author: Thomas L Hall
Title: Truth be Trolled: Exposing and Humiliating the Lies of the Tea Party, Author: Liberal Trolling
Title: Truth Be Told: Exposing the lie of rejection and building a foundation of truth!, Author: Ethan Hunt
Title: Ebola Lies: Exposing Lies with Documented Truth and How You Can Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones, Author: JC Spencer
Title: New Age Lies Exposed: How to Stand Firm in God's Truth, Author: Sandra Clifton
Title: Shadows Exposed: Distinguishing God's Truth from Satan's Lies, Author: Travis Verge
Title: Truth In The Rear View Mirror: An Insider Exposes Americas Power Players Revealing their Dark Secrets, Lies and Hidden Agenda to the American People!, Author: Michael Maris
Title: Fitness Frauds: Exposing the Truth About Drugs, Lies, and Flex Appeal, Author: Bobby Whisnand