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Title: License to Dill, Author: Mary Ellen Hughes
Title: Scene of the Brine, Author: Mary Ellen Hughes
Title: The Pickled Piper, Author: Mary Ellen Hughes
Title: Tishomingo, Author: Tishomingo Mary Ruth Hughes
Title: Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library, Author: Eth Clifford
Title: AV I A T R I X: First Woman Pilot for Hughes Airwest, Author: Mary Bush Shipko
Title: Mind Mates, Author: Mary Hughes
Title: The Bite of Silence, Author: Mary Hughes
Title: Jim Carrey, Author: Mary Ellen Hughes
Title: Body Building, Author: Mary Hughes
Title: Black Diamond Jinn, Author: Mary Hughes
Title: Unprepared!: A Husband's Story of Coping with His Wife's Stroke, Author: Ellwyn Collins
Title: The Loved Ones, Author: Mary-Beth Hughes
Title: The Empty Lot, Author: Mary Gray Hughes
Title: Everywoman's Canning Book, Author: Mary Catherine Hughes
Title: Every Woman's Canning Book: The ABC of Safe Home Canning and Preserving by the Cold Pack Method, Author: Mary B. Hughes
Title: Gratitude Adjustment: 5 Simple Shifts To Refresh Your Perspective and Ignite Your Life, Author: Mary DeRosa Hughes
Title: Caravan Explorer, Author: Mary Kathryn Hughes
Title: Wreath of Deception, Author: Mary Ellen Hughes
Title: Paper-Thin Alibi: A Craft Corner Mystery, Author: Mary Ellen Hughes

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