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Title: Through A Mother's Tears: The tragic true story of a mother who lost one daughter to a brutal murderer and another to a broken heart, Author: Cathy Broomfield
Title: Tears of My Broken Heart, Author: Dell Sinclair
Title: Tears of Broken Hearts, Author: L. Figaro
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Title: The Salt of Broken Tears: A Novel, Author: Michael Meehan
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Title: Tears of a Broken Father: Relationship, Marriage, Children, Author: Marie E Gabriel
Title: Thoughts of a Broken Child: My Pain, My Tears, My Struggle, Author: Adolfo Davis
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Title: Beyond The Tears: Bruised But Not Broken... A Story of Hope & Encouragement, Author: Dr. Sithembile Stem Mahlatini
Title: In the Shades of Becoming: The heart and soul of an adolecense's experience. The breaking and tearing of teenager's reality as they step forthe into society's glare., Author: Ruchita Bhatia
Title: Tears of my Life: ...tears arise from the heart and outflow through the eyes; the truest expression of unspeakable grief from a broken heart, a heart that needs a firm consolation to let go., Author: Philip Gbormittah
Title: Time For Exposure: The Enemy Comes To Steal, Kill And Destroy, Author: Melissa Ann Frazier
Title: Running of the Bride: My Frenzied Quest to Tie the Knot, Tear Up the Dance Floor, and Figure Out Why My 15 Minutes of Fame Included Commercial Breaks, Author: Rachel Eddey
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Title: You Break Our Hearts, We'll Tear Yours Out, Artist: The Gilded Palace of Sin
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