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Title: Elements of Fiction Writing - Characters & Viewpoint: Proven advice and timeless techniques for creating compelling characters by an award-winning author, Author: Orson Scott Card
Title: Blue Fall (The Tournament, Book 1), Author: B. B. Griffith
Title: A Twist of Fate, Author: Aidy Award
Title: Gathering of the Chosen (Tournament of the Gods, #1), Author: Timothy L. Cerepaka
Title: Dark Tournament: Prima Parte, Author: Elisa S. Amore
Title: Bad Kansas, Author: Becky Mandelbaum
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Title: Tournament of the Gods Omnibus, Author: Timothy L. Cerepaka
Title: Tournament of Mages: Commencement, Author: Cleave Bourbon
Title: Stand on Zanzibar: The Hugo Award-Winning Novel, Author: John Brunner
Title: The Theory of Light and Matter, Author: Andrew Porter
Title: The People I Know, Author: Nancy Zafris
Title: The Long List Anthology: More Stories from the Hugo Award Nomination List, Author: Ken Liu
Title: Bear Down, Bear North: Alaska Stories, Author: Melinda Moustakis
Title: The Dance Boots, Author: Linda LeGarde Grover
Title: Wrath-Bearing Tree (Tournament of Shadows Series #2), Author: James Enge
Title: A Guile of Dragons (Tournament of Shadows Series #1), Author: James Enge
Title: The Tournament Knight, Author: Jonathan Moeller
Title: How to Leave Hialeah, Author: Jennine Capo Crucet
Title: Faulty Predictions: Stories, Author: Karin Lin-Greenberg
Title: THE BLUE LAGOON (Special Nook Edition): Romance and Basis for Award Winning Erotic Movie Starring Brooke Shields EROTIC ROMANTIC FICTION Contains Sex Scenes Not Suitable for Children [NOOKBook], Author: Henry de Vere Stacpoole

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