Title: Kisses at Midnight, Author: James Patterson
Title: A Most Unsuitable Earl, Author: Ruth Ann Nordin
Title: Pose by Pose: Learn the Anatomy and Enhance Your Practice, Author: Kelly Solloway
Title: Ruin, Author: Samantha Towle
Title: Sacking the Quarterback, Author: James Patterson
Title: Rush, Author: Samantha Towle
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Title: Under the Needle's Eye by Linda DeMeulemeester, Susan Ee, Raymund Eich, Emily Mah, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Kiini Ibura Salaam, Ibi Zoboi, Ari Goelman, Samantha Ling, Patrick Samphire, and Allan Rousselle, Edited by Raymund Eich and Emily Mah, Author: Raymund Eich
Title: Breaking Hollywood, Author: Samantha Towle
Title: The Origins of Totalitarianism: Introduction by Samantha Power, Author: Hannah Arendt
Title: Dr. Ernst Leitz II and the Leica Train to Freedom: Defying the Nazis with a Camera, Author: Taylor Beitzel
Title: Meaty: Essays by Samantha Irby, Creator of the Blog Bitchesgottaeat, Author: Samantha Irby
Title: Chosen by the Doctor, Author: Samantha Madisen
Title: Shared by the Doctors, Author: Samantha Madisen
Title: Taken by the Alien High Lord, Author: Samantha Madisen
Title: You Can Draw Manga Chibi Characters, Critters & Scenes: A step-by-step guide for learning to draw cute and colorful manga chibis and critters, Author: Samantha Whitten
Title: Bound by their Love, Author: Samantha Madisen
Title: Shamed by the Brute, Author: Samantha Madisen
Title: Corrected by the Doctor, Author: Samantha Madisen
Title: Watch Me Read and Draw: Dinosaurs: A step-by-step drawing & story book - Includes flip-out drawing pad and more than 30 stickers, Author: Samantha Chagollan
Title: 2 Day Diet: Diet Part Time But Full Time Results: The Ultimate 5:2 Step by Step Cheat Sheet on How to Lose Weight & Sustain It Now, Author: Samantha Michaels

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