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Title: Africa, Author: Mel Friedman
Title: The Bill of Rights: American History, Author: Christine Taylor-Butler
Title: U. S. Landforms, Author: Dana Meachen Rau
Title: The Bald Eagle, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: Volcanoes, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: Tsunamis, Author: Chana Stiefel
Title: The Constitution of the United States, Author: Christine Taylor-Butler
Title: The Declaration of Independence, Author: Elaine Landau
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Title: The American Flag, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: Meteorology: The Study of Weather, Author: Christine Taylor-Butler
Title: The Presidency, Author: Christine Taylor-Butler
Title: The Statue of Liberty, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: Climate Change, Author: Peter Benoit
Title: Earthquakes, Author: Ker Than
Title: Ruby Bridges Goes to School: My True Story, Author: Ruby Bridges
Title: India, Author: Sunita Apte
Title: North America, Author: Libby Koponen
Title: Oceans, Author: Peter Benoit
Title: Lewis and Clark Expedition, Author: John Perritano
Title: Deserts, Author: Peter Benoit

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