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Title: Algebra Is for Children, Author: Julio César Martínez Romero
Title: Classical Groups and Geometric Algebra, Author: Larry C. Grove
Title: Rings, Groups, And Algebras / Edition 1, Author: X. Cao
Title: Clifford Algebras and the Classical Groups, Author: Ian R. Porteous
Title: Basic Theory of Algebraic Groups and Lie Algebras, Author: G. P. Hochschild
Title: Differential Algebras in Topology / Edition 1, Author: David Anik
Title: Symmetry of Polycentric Systems: The Polycentric Tensor Algebra for Molecules, Author: G. Fieck
Title: Groups with Prescribed Quotient Groups and Associated Module Theory, Author: Leonid A Kurdachenko
Title: Sets and Groups: A First Course in Algebra, Author: J.A. Green
Title: Representation Theory II. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Representations of Algebras, held in Ottawa, Canada, August 16-25, 1984: Groups and Orders / Edition 1, Author: Vlastimil Dlab
Title: Group Theory And Hopf Algebras: Lectures For Physicists, Author: Sang G Jo