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Title: Harlequin Romance June 2020 Box Set, Author: Jennifer Faye
Title: Harlequin Romance September 2021 Box Set, Author: Andrea Bolter
Title: The Prince's Cinderella: The captivating royal fairytale romance you have to read!, Author: Andrea Bolter
Title: Her New York Billionaire, Author: Andrea Bolter
Title: Harlequin Romance January 2020 Box Set, Author: Cara Colter
Title: Pretend Honeymoon with the Best Man, Author: Andrea Bolter Pre-Order Now
Title: THE PRINCE'S CINDERELLA: Harlequin comics, Author: Andrea Bolter
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Title: Her Las Vegas Wedding, Author: Andrea Bolter
Title: Harlequin Romance March 2018 Box Set, Author: Jessica Gilmore
Title: Romana Extra Band 107, Author: Lucy Monroe
Title: Romana Extra Band 102, Author: Susan Clarks
Title: Julia Extra Band 459, Author: Dani Collins
Title: Julia Extra Band 488, Author: Jackie Ashenden
Title: Harlequin Romance September 2018 Box Set, Author: Marion Lennox
Title: Julia Extra Band 482, Author: Amy Ruttan
Title: Wedding Date with the Billionaire, Author: Andrea Bolter
Title: Caribbean Nights with the Tycoon: Get swept away with this sparkling summer romance!, Author: Andrea Bolter
#3 in Series
Title: Harlequin Romance July 2023 Box Set, Author: Rebecca Winters Pre-Order Now
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Title: The Italian's Runaway Princess, Author: Andrea Bolter
Title: Julia Extra Band 472, Author: Kate Hewitt

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