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Title: Greedy Apostrophe: A Cautionary Tale, Author: Jan Carr
Title: The Girl's Like Spaghetti: Why, You Can't Manage Without Apostrophes!, Author: Lynne Truss
Title: The Accidental Apostrophe: . . . And Other Misadventures in Punctuation, Author: Caroline Taggart
Title: If You Were an Apostrophe, Author: Shelly Lyons
Title: Frank Zappa - Apostrophe ('), Author: Frank Zappa
Title: The Apostrophe Thief, Author: Barbara Paul
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Title: Fucking Apostrophes, Author: Simon Griffin
Title: We're Going to the Smiths' House: A Book about Apostrophes, Author: Marie Powell
Title: Whoop's Apostrophe...!: #4, Author: Murray L. Peters
Title: The Apostrophe Posse, Author: Teena Raffa-Mulligan
Title: Apostrophe, Colon, Hyphen, Author: Barbara Gregorich
Title: A 19th Century Russian Novel: and other works of art, Author: Ivan Apostrophe
Title: End Marks and Apostrophes Interactive Whiteboard Resource, Author: Saddleback Educational Publishing
Title: Apostrophe Zen: Further Zen Ramblings from the Internet, Author: Scott Shaw
Title: La Page et le Petit Ecran: Culture et Televison: Le cas d'Apostrophes / Edition 1, Author: Gisele Holtzer
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Title: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, Author: Apostrophe S Productions
Title: Apostrophe, Author: Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
Title: Whoop's Apostrophe...!, Author: Murray L. Peters
Title: Quotation Marks and Apostrophes, Author: Kate Riggs
Title: Alfie the Apostrophe, Author: Moira Rose Donohue

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