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Title: Last Futures: Nature, Technology and the End of Architecture, Author: Douglas Murphy
Title: Modernism in Italian Architecture, 1890-1940, Author: Richard A. Etlin
Title: The Origins of Modernism in Russian Architecture, Author: William Craft Brumfield
Title: Early Twentieth-Century Islamic Architecture in Cairo, Author: Tarek Mohamed Sakr
Title: The New Institutional Architecture of Eastern Europe, Author: Stephen Whitefield
Title: Architecture and Politics in Germany, 1918-1945, Author: Barbara Miller Lane
Title: The Danteum; A Study in the Architecture of Literature, Author: Thomas L. Schumacher
Title: Albert Speer: Architecture, Author: Leon Krier
Title: Politics and the Architecture of Choice: Bounded Rationality and Governance, Author: Bryan D. Jones
Title: L'architecture du IIIe Reich: Origines intellectuelles et visees ideologiques, Author: Marc Cluet
Title: The Changing Architecture of Politics: Structure, Agency and the Future of the State / Edition 1, Author: Philip G. Cerny
Title: Nazification of Art: Art, Design, Architecture, Music and Film in the Third Reich, Author: Brandon Taylor
Title: Reorganizing Eastern Europe: European Institutions and the Refashioning of Europe's Security Architecture, Author: Andrew J. Williams
Title: Seven American Utopias: The Architecture of Communitarian Socialism, 1790-1975, Author: Dolores Hayden
Title: English Garden and National Identity: The Competing Styles of Garden Design, 1870-1914, Author: Anne Helmreich
Title: Moderns Abroad: Italian Colonial Architecture and Urbanism, Author: Mia Fuller
Title: The Logic of Discipline: Global Capitalism and the Architecture of Government, Author: Alasdair Roberts Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Small Transformation: Society, Economy and Politics in Hungary and the New European Architecture, Author: Gyorgy Lengyel
Title: The Word in Stone: The Role of Architecture in the Nationalist Socialist Ideology, Author: Robert R. Taylor
Title: Conceptual Structure and Social Change: The Ideological Architecture of Democratization, Author: Sara Schatz Read an excerpt of this book!

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