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Title: Absolutely Fabulous! Architecture for Fashion, Author: Ruth Hanisch
Title: The Fashion of Architecture, Author: Bradley Quinn
Title: Yeohlee: Material Architecture, Author: Yeohlee Teng
Title: Women's Places: Architecture and Design 1860-1960 / Edition 1, Author: Brenda Martin
Title: Marimekko: Fabrics, Fashion, Architecture, Author: Marianne Aav
Title: Skin + Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture, Author: Brooke Hodge
Title: Building the Bank of England: Money, Architecture, Society, 1694-1942, Author: Daniel M Abramson
Title: From Fiorucci to the Guerrilla Stores: Shop Displays in Architecture, Marketing and Communications, Author: Claudio Marenco Mores
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Title: Glamour: Fashion, Industrial Design, Architecture, Author: Joseph Rosa