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Title: The Way We Play, Author: Hugh Burke
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Title: I CAN!, Author: Veronica Degefu
Title: Charlie...The Merry Christmoose, Author: John Sherwood
Title: All we have to do is believe, Author: Courtney L. McCarthy
Title: In My Heart, Author: Julie Nichole
Title: Little One, Author: Leila   B. Nelson
Title: The Tails of Roaring Brook, Author: June L. Bender
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Title: Dance, Jump, Hop, And Sing Children's Song and Picture book, Author: Yvette Daniels
Title: CAN A KEY DEER SAVE CHRISTMAS ?, Author: Holly  Joy Eddleston
Title: Ittie Biddie's ADVENTURES ( Itty-Biddie Problem), Author: Hope Settle
Title: The Magical Pizza Pie, Author: Susan Rochester Zucconi
Title: Princess Emery and the Dragon of Destiny, Author: Robert Medina
Title: The Adventures Of Lo On The Go ( Lo goes to North America), Author: Lolanda  Bunch Cooper
Title: The Gingerbread House That Elizabeth Made, Author: Carla Stoneberg
Title: Rhonda The Red -nosed Unideer, Author: Michele Piraino
Title: Comfort Cow and Friends, Author: LCPC Carly Schoonover
Title: Smile!, Author: Duc Chung
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Title: I'II Hold You In My Heart, Author: Brenda Y Cole- Averett
Title: Malaysia's Heart LLC presents Why am I so Angry, Author: Shakina D Robinson

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