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Title: Risk Factors And Business Models, Author: D. Anthony Miles
Title: How To Do Affiliate Marketing: A Powerful Program To Help You Learn Affiliate Marketing, Training, Tips, At Home Business, Strategies, Making Money Immediately and Much More!, Author: Thomas S. Cooper
Title: Useful Research: Advancing Theory and Practice / Edition 1, Author: Susan Albers Mohrman
Title: Operations Forensics: Business Performance Analysis Using Operations Measures and Tools, Author: Richard Lai
Title: Managing Business Through Human Psychology - “A Handbook for Entrepreneur”, Author: ASHISH BHAGORIA
Title: Business Applications of Operations Research, Author: Bodhibrata Nag
Title: Qualitative Research Methods; Discover How To Apply Market Research Methods To The Information Learned From Qualitative Market Research To Improve Your Business And Get Accurate Data, Author: Jason D. Cureton
Title: Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions: With Cases / Edition 6, Author: Lawrence L. Lapin
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Title: TechConnect Business Plan, Author: Durant Maive
Title: Management Science for Business Decisions, Author: Lawrence L. Lapin
Title: Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions / Edition 5, Author: Lawrence L. Lapin
Title: Business Research Projects: A Solution-Oriented Approach, Author: Jimme Keizer
Title: Business Analysis of Apple Inc, Author: Judith Zylla-Woellner
Title: The Importance of Strategic Planning in the Business Environment, Author: James Tallant
Title: Visual IFPS/Plus for Business / Edition 1, Author: Paul Gray
Title: A business model analysis of Robert Bosch, Author: Laura Parlabene
Title: Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Design, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Manuel Laguna
Title: Quantitative Models for Business Decisions, Author: No K. Kwak
Title: Business Analysis: Hugo Boss, Author: Sabine Pröbstl

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