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Title: Fishing with Grandma, Author: Susan Avingaq
Title: The Wind Plays Tricks, Author: Virginia Howard
Title: The Great Googlini, Author: Sara Cassidy
Title: Julie Black Belt: The Kung Fu Chronicles, Author: Oliver Chin
Title: Akilak's Adventure, Author: Deborah Kigjugalik Webster
Title: A la peche avec grand-mama, Author: Susan Avingaq
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Title: Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao, Author: Kat Zhang Pre-Order Now
Title: Gokul Village and The Magic Fountain, Author: Jeni Chapman
Title: Elisapee and Her Baby Seagull, Author: Nancy Mike
Title: Extraordinary Eloise, Author: Charlene Chua
Title: The Pencil, Author: Susan Avingaq Pre-Order Now
Title: Shubh Diwali!, Author: Chitra Soundar Pre-Order Now
Title: Leah's Mustache Party, Author: Nadia Mike
Title: How Nivi Got Her Names, Author: Laura Deal
Title: Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire, Author: Oliver Chin