Title: Checkmate: This is Love, Author: Kennedy Fox
Title: Deryni Checkmate (Chronicles of the Deryni Series #2), Author: Katherine Kurtz
Title: Checkmate: Drew & Courtney Duet, Author: Kennedy Fox
Title: Parinama Academy Checkmate Chess Workbook 2, Author: Sivakumar Manikanteswaran
Title: The Senator, Author: Jonathan Steel
Title: Checkmate: Witness for the Defense, Author: Darryl Bishop
Title: Checkmate (Cruisers Series #2), Author: Walter Dean Myers
Title: CheckMate 2: Let the Games Begin, Author: Tiece
Title: Rookie Moves - A Checkmate Inc. Novel, Author: Shelly Alexander
Title: Rookie Moves - So spielt nur ein Anfänger, Author: Shelly Alexander
Title: Checkmate (1987-) #2, Author: Paul Kupperberg
Title: Archangel: Checkmate, Author: Vijaya Schartz
Title: Checkmate for Princess: She knows too much - kill her, Author: Leon Edgar
Title: Chess MiddleGameThe Smart Handbook: 9+1 Hidden Strategies Used by Chess GrandMasters in 2021 to Sabotage the Opponent's Plan and Achieve Checkmate, Author: Robert Morphy
Title: Checkmate: A Caitlin Calloway Mystery, Author: Mavis Applewater
Title: Checkmate, Author: Vijaya Schartz
Title: The Domination Game Checkmate, Author: Jennifer Byars
Title: Murry Peterson: Checkmate, Author: Richard Hartmetz