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Title: The Cell's Design: How Chemistry Reveals the Creator's Artistry, Author: Fazale Rana
Title: Chemical Oscillations, Waves and Turbulence, Author: Y. Kuramoto
Title: Dust and Chemistry in Astronomy, Author: T.J Millar
Title: Chemistry in Space, Author: J. Mayo Greenberg
Title: Physics and Chemistry of Circumstellar Dust Shells, Author: Hans-Peter Gail
Title: The Chemistry of Life's Origins, Author: J. Mayo Greenberg
Title: Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Interstellar Molecules, Author: Diethard K. Bohme
Title: Physics and Chemistry of the Solar System, Author: John S. Lewis
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Title: Physics and Chemistry of Upper Atmospheres, Author: Billy McCormac
Title: Interstellar Chemistry, Author: Walter W. Duley
Title: Noble Gas and High Temperature Chemistry, Author: Dieter Cremer
Title: Chemistry and Physics of Terrestrial Planets, Author: Surendra K. Saxena
Title: Chemical Evolution of the Universe: Faraday Discussion: Volume 133, Author: Royal Society of Chemistry
Title: The Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium, Author: A. G. G. M. Tielens
Title: Causes and Effects of Stratospheric Ozone Reduction: An Update, Author: Committee on Chemistry and Physics of Ozone Depletion
Title: Physics and Chemistry of Comets, Author: W. F. Huebner
Title: Principles Of Nuclear Chemistry, Author: Peter A C Mcpherson
Title: Chemistry in Space Research, Author: R. A. Lambel
Title: Chemistry of Space, Author: David E. Newton
Title: Analytical Chemistry in Space, Author: R. E. Wainerdi

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